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Otter Reef is home to a lifelong Kodiak family who enjoys sharing their slice of beachfront heaven:

Helm Johnson
While Helm was born in Florida in 1972, he was raised on Kodiak from infancy. His first bed was made from hotel napkins at Disney World, during his family’s stay while building a commercial fishing boat to bring it home to Kodiak. Helm has worked as an auto body mechanic, construction laborer, and mountain bike tour guide and professional racer. He now works as a metal & wood craftsman, in addition to caring for the comfort of our visitors.

Alisha Drabek, PhD
Alisha was born and raised on Kodiak Island in 1972.  She lived in 14 different houses before she was 10 years old and on a WWII scow that served as a set net salmon tender for Uyak Bay. Alisha is a writer, artist, and Alutiiq language advocate.  She works as Senior Vice President of Community & Government Affairs for Afognak Native Corporation.

Our Sons

We have three sons: Teyo (high school), Fayd (middle school) and Taavi (preschool). 

Our Cat

Chloe is a friendly Tabby cat with blue eyes. Her favorite pastime is sunning herself in full view of the neighbor’s fenced dogs. 

Our Dog

Bella is a sweet black and brown Shih Tzu/Yorkie. You might see her out on the upstairs porch, or on a walk with her family, but (at only seven pounds) she's not usually alone given the many hungry eagle neighbors who live in our tree. 

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